Morpheus Sunglasses: What Sets Ours Apart |

Morpheus Sunglasses: What Sets Ours Apart

One of our most popular styles of Matrix sunglasses is the Morpheus.  These are a total fan favorite, and there are two primary reasons for this.

The first reason is that Morpheus remains the most popular character in the Matrix trilogy, even more so than Neo.  The Morpheus character is smooth, confident, and ever-knowing.  As the instigator of the revolution, he is the one that fully exudes the confidence and aura of a true leader and hero.  Plus, you’ve got to love the red pill/blue pill “Alice in Wonderland” scene!

The second reason is that our Morpheus sunglasses blow away the competition.  The vast majority of our competition basically sells “costume-jewelry” quality Morpheus sunglasses.  This is fine if you are just looking to dress up for Halloween, but for everyday wear and tear you will definitely need something of substantially higher quality.

Because the Morpheus sunglasses do not have the traditional arms to hold them in place behind the ears, the nose clip is truly the most critical factor.  If the nose clip is low quality, the sunglasses will not stay on your face and obviously that would make them useless.  This is where the vast majority of our competitors get it wrong – they skimp on the nose clip and the result is a poor quality product with limited functionality. 

Our Morpheus nose clips are spring-loaded.  This means the clips retain their “hold” ability over time, and can accommodate a wide range of nose shapes and sizes.  In fact, many customers wear their sunglasses for years with no noticeable degradation in the “tightness” of the clip.  Additionally, our nose clips are made from silicon material, not plastic.  This helps ensure that the sunglasses do not slip off your nose, particularly with oily or sweaty skin. 

In addition to the nose clip, we have also taken special care to ensure the lenses are top-notch.  The lenses are polycarbonate, scratch resistant, and offer UVA and UVB protection (UV400 Protection), which is the best protection for your eyes.  Here again is another area where the competition falls short, but I guess it is understandable because who cares about eye protection from your Halloween costume shades!

The fact that we offer a full 1-year, no questions asked return policy is proof that we fully stand behind our Morpheus Sunglasses as well as all of our other products.  If our Matrix sunglasses were of low-quality, we would not offer such an unprecedented warranty

So go ahead and give them a try, and amaze your friends with your Morpheus Sunglasses’ ability to magically float on your face!  There is no risk with these or any of our Matrix sunglasses, because you can always return them if you do not like them, if they do not look good on your face, or for any reason at all.

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