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Morpheus Sunglasses: Update on Availability

This is a follow-up to a previous post regarding the availability of the Morpheus Sunglasses, which have been out of stock for a few months now. 

As you know, our Matrix Sunglasses are the highest quality available.  Whether it’s the Neo Sunglasses, Agent Smith Sunglasses, Trinity Sunglasses, Seraph Sunglasses, Twins Sunglasses, or something else, our primary goal is always top-notch quality.  This is great for our loyal customers, but can sometimes be a pain when dealing with our manufacturing network.  With the economic downslide, we have seen an increasing number of companies in the manufacturing sector attempt to sneakily cut their costs by incorporating lower quality raw materials into the finished product. 

This is exactly what happened with our expected shipment of Morpheus Sunglasses.  We did indeed receive our shipment of these in April, but unfortunately they were rejected because the quality was unacceptable.  Simply put, they were crap and were not appropriate for inclusion into our line of premium Matrix Sunglasses.

So, we filtered through our manufacturing network and decided to move the production of the Morpheus Sunglasses to an alternative manufacturer.  We are confident that this move will produce the quality that we and our customers expect and demand. 

The manufacturing process is already in full swing and we expect to have these back in stock in approximately 5 weeks (the end of July).  We apologize for the massive delay, but these things happen from time to time whenever you’re dealing with all aspects of the supply chain. 

So there you have it.  Be patient, we WILL have our super high-quality Morpheus Sunglasses back in stock very soon.  If you would like a notification when they are back in stock, just send an email to and you will be contacted when they are ready for purchase. 

In the interim, all of our other high quality Matrix Sunglasses are still available for purchase, such as the Neo Sunglasses, Agent Smith Sunglasses, Trinity Sunglasses, Seraph Sunglasses, and Twins Sunglasses.

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