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Morpheus Sunglasses Back in Stock

Well folks, it has been a long few months for us here at, but at long last we have finally received our brand new inventory of the Morpheus Sunglasses.  And with stronger spring-loaded nose clips and enhanced UV protection, they are better than ever!  Our shop is now fully stocked with all your favorite Matrix sunglasses, including the Neo Sunglasses, Agent Smith Sunglasses, Trinity Sunglasses, Twins Sunglasses, and Seraph Sunglasses. 

In retrospect, the closure of our former factory was actually a blessing in disguise.  Although it took a relatively long time to find a new supplier, our due diligence paid off.  Our Morpheus Sunglasses are now even better than before, yet the price has not increased.  Better quality for the same price equals a better value for your dollar, period.  Everybody wins!

Our new and improved Morpheus Sunglasses incorporate the best elements of our other Matrix sunglasses.  For example, the lens color is a dark shade of tempered black similar to the Agent Smith Sunglasses and Neo Sunglasses.  Additionally, the shape of the lens is similar to the Seraph Sunglasses, and the lens frames are equivalent in terms of durability and toughness to those of the Twins Sunglasses & Trinity Sunglasses.   In fact, all of our Matrix eyewear is top-notch and fully guaranteed.

But don’t just take our word for it, get yourself a pair and see for yourself.  You have nothing to lose with our unprecedented 1-year “no questions asked” warranty.  Additionally, all of our Morpheus Sunglasses come with a free hard-shell case, and as with all of our Matrix sunglasses you still get free shipping plus a third pair for free when you purchase any other 2 Matrix eyewear styles (the Neo Sunglasses – Reloaded style is the standard free pair). 

It is always nice to be able to convey good news, and we here at Matrix Eyewear truly thank you for your patience and loyalty.  Whether you want the Agent Smith Sunglasses, Twins Sunglasses, Trinity Sunglasses, Seraph Sunglasses, or something else, is your one-stop shop for all Matrix sunglasses.

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