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Men’s vs. Women’s Sunglasses

If you’re reading this then you already know that sunglasses, whether Matrix sunglasses or some other type, are a key component of both men’s and women’s every day wear. But are certain styles more appropriate for men than women or vice versa? The answer is yes and here’s how. 

Generally speaking, men prefer larger sunglasses with non-exorbitant colors and basic lens shapes.  The lenses are usually darker and tend to be perfectly round, square-shaped, or straight at the top.  Like the lenses, the frames are usually of a darker color, and larger frames generally trump smaller ones.  The key attributes of men’s sunglasses are that they are simple, conservative, and grounded in more traditional styles. 

Women, on the other hand, are clearly more willing to experiment with a variety of different sunglass shapes, colors and styles.  They have no problem wearing flamboyant sunglasses if they accessorize well with their outfit and are appropriate for the situation or venue.  For this reason alone, the sheer variety of sunglasses for women is far greater than for men.  Women’s sunglasses come in many different colors, hues, patterns, shapes and sizes.  They also tend to be smaller and lighter than men’s sunglasses but with the same UV protection levels, depending on the brand and type of sunglasses used.

No matter what gender you are, there are a few commonalities in terms of what makes a great pair of sunglasses.  For example, if you are going to wear your sunglasses for extended periods or while doing harsh physical activity, a comfortable fit is critical.  Also, sunglasses must offer adequate UV protection for your eyes.  Finally, make sure your sunglasses are appropriate for the shape of your face.  In fact, this may be the most important factor in terms of how good you look in your sunglasses.

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