Meet Sophia Stewart: Self-Proclaimed Creator of The Matrix |

Meet Sophia Stewart: Self-Proclaimed Creator of The Matrix

Who really created The Matrix

Have you ever heard of Sophia Stewart?  Me neither until I saw this video.  I can’t really tell if she is legit or a complete fraud because there is a lot of conflicting information about her online.  In a nutshell, she claims to be the original creator of The Matrix (as well as the Terminator franchise), and she filed a $1 billion infringement lawsuit against the Wachowski brothers and Warner Brothers back in 2004 (gee whiz, I sure hope she doesn’t come after our ultra-cool Matrix sunglasses next time)!

Stewart claims that she responded to a national magazine ad posted by the Wachowski brothers in 1986 which solicited manuscripts for an upcoming science fiction comic book series the brothers were planning to produce.  She submitted a manuscript she wrote in 1981 called “The Third Eye,” which contained a lot of ideas and elements that were very similar to the eventual release of The Matrix franchise.   She claims that she never heard back about her submission, but was shocked by how closely The Matrix mirrored her story when she saw it in the theater in 1999.

The conflicting information stems from the fact that the lawsuit was apparently dismissed in 2005, but an erroneous newspaper article claimed otherwise.  A story published in Oct. 2004 erroneously equated a successful counter motion to a dismissal of the case by Stewart with a successful verdict.  Essentially, the only thing that Stewart won was the right to continue with her lawsuit – nothing more, nothing less.

Below is an audio of Sophia Stewart recorded in May 2012 that discusses the details of the lawsuit as well as her plans for the future of the franchise.  Be aware that the video is over an hour long, so if you plan to watch it make sure you’ve got the time.  Some of the key points from her commentary:

  1. The Matrix and Terminator are part of the same story (The Third Eye) but were split up into 2 separate Hollywood productions.
  2. The Matrix was loosely based on the second coming of Christ.
  3. There will be a Matrix 4 and it will be awesome.
  4. The events we saw in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions were nothing more than a shared dream between Neo and Trinity.  In Matrix 4, they will wake up.

The bottom line is that Stewart seems to truly believe that she was indeed ripped off, and in her mind the lawsuit is not over.  But, after looking into this fairly deeply, it appears that her manuscript contained similar themes and ideas, but the expression of these themes and ideas differs from The Matrix franchise.  Therefore, in my opinion, Sophia Stewart is either a gold digger, completely crazy, or both.  What do you think??

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2 Responses to Meet Sophia Stewart: Self-Proclaimed Creator of The Matrix

  1. The Odin Son says:

    The F.B.I investigated the incident! They found that, the Wachowski

    brothers were literally checking the book(on-site), as they were

    filming the movie!

  2. Dani says:

    Ms. Stewart won 2.5 Billion dollar in a law suit to Wachowski brothers’ stole the Matrix and Terminator from Sophia Stewart.

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