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MatrixEyewear Comment (Davide, Italy July 2013)

From MatrixEyewear:  Thanks Davide for your awesome letter.  We’re thrive for serving Matrix customers like you!  Always here for you too.  You’ll be first on our list for upcoming MatrixEyewear specials too!  Again, many thanks… Larry & Debbie @


July 17, 2013

Hi (MatrixEyewear):

I just wanted to inform you that I finally received, today, the parcel you dispatched to me, well, I want to congratulate with you since all the sunglasses I purchased are really beautiful, the design is really “Matrix-oriented”, and the overall quality seems very high, if compared to the price of the items.

So, when I’ve worn the ( sunglasses, I felt just for one moment as if I was NEO, or Morpheus, or Agent Smith, and so on… Thank you again, I’m VERY SATISFIED, so I wanted share with you my appreciation for my purchase.


That’s all, folks, my best regards, by one of “the Matrix fan…???





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