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Pet Dog Tries On Owner’s Matrix Sunglasses

Hi there!

Now that I know how you guys love to know how was my experience with

Well, what can I say? It has always been my dream to have all sunglasses from the movie the Matrix.  It was pretty hard to find them, but one day I found  Well, it wasn’t from Brazil (my country), but I decided to give it a try.

I bought 3 sunglasses (Neo Reloaded, Neo Revolutions and Agent Smith) and got Neo’s first sunglasses for free. When I received them it was awesome, they were really great and I was really happy with them.  The quality of the product was really good.

But unfortunately, a couple of months ago, my dog was home alone and found my sunglasses and decided that they would look good on his mouth. Now I got nothing.

It may look like “my dog ate my homework” and I wish it was, because I really liked my matrix sunglasses and I miss them very much…  my experience with MatrixEyewear was great, it is with great happiness that I write about it.  If someone asks me, I’ll sure recommend the store.

Thanks guys!

Flavio Pascoa Gadelha (Brazil)


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