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Matrix Sunglasses for Ovals

So, you got an oval shaped face just like Beyonce, huh?  Well consider yourself lucky!  This facial shape is characterized by wider cheekbones and a horizontally-thinner jaw line and forehead, and it is so common that the vast majority of sunglass manufacturers design their styles with this shape in mind.  For this reason, folks with other facial shapes sometimes have problems finding that perfect pair of shades; those with oval faces generally have far more options.

Styles of sunglasses appropriate for oval faces run the full gamut and include Lennon specs (like our Seraph Sunglasses), wrap around styles, aviator sunglasses, way farers, geometric shaped shades (like our Agent Smith Sunglasses), square shapes with rounded corners, butterfly specs, and even oversized sunglasses. 

In general, the frames of the best sunglasses for oval faces are those that are at least as wide as your cheekbones.  Also, sunglasses with lenses that are vertically longer look good on ovals, so look for lenses that cover from your eyebrows to your cheek bones.  Sunglass styles featuring high temples will work very well. 

Also, although I am giving you general tips here, you must make sure your chosen style complements the other attributes of your face beyond just the shape.  For example, if you have smaller facial features, then you’ll want to avoid oversized sunglasses no matter what shape face you have.  Unless, of course, you want to look like a bug!  Additionally, you should take your hairstyle into account; if your hair is parted in the middle for example, your face might look more square than oval and thus shades designed to flatter square faces might be better for you.

The bottom line is that people with oval faces clearly enjoy many more sunglass options than folks with other facial shapes.  Whether you are partial to Matrix Sunglasses or not, just make sure to take your other facial features into account, and experiment with a few different styles to see which one looks best on YOU.

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