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Matrix Sunglasses for Children?

Unfortunately there are no Matrix Sunglasses available for kids that I am aware of, but that should not stop you.  Although only sells adult-sized Matrix Sunglasses, it is important to remember that your kids need eye protection too.  Squinting in bright sunshine is simply not good enough.  Even though we do not offer children’s sunglasses, I think the topic is important enough to warrant a brief discussion about it.

The general rule about this is quite simple – if the sun is bright enough for you to be wearing sunglasses, your kids should be wearing them as well.  In fact, children’s eyes are even more vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun than adult eyes, and many adults can trace visionary problems back to not wearing proper eye protection as kids.  Many instances of blindness, eye damage and similar problems in adults can be attributed to intense sunlight and sudden shifts in light intensity that they experienced when they were children.

Retinal damage, a very common problem, can result from looking directly at the sun.  Since 70% more UV rays penetrate children’s retinas than adult retinas, it’s easy to see why your kids should be wearing sunglasses on bright sunny days.  Get them into the habit of wearing sunglasses sooner rather than later.

You can find youth-sized sunglasses anywhere, such as at the mall or online.  Importantly, make sure to only buy sunglasses that include both 100% ultraviolet-A (UVA) and ultraviolet-B (UVB) protection. Many sunglasses do offer protection against UVA rays, but UVB rays are just as harmful to the eyes and need to be blocked as well.  Additionally, since kids can be rough especially during outside play, look for durable sunglasses with impact-resistant lenses.  Plastic or polycarbonate lenses with bendable frames that fit closely to the face are usually the best choice.

So again, don’t gamble with your kid’s eyes.  Sunglasses are cheap and readily available in youth sizes, so there really is no excuse to ignore the benefits of sunglasses for children.

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