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Matrix Sunglasses: Another Happy Customer From Brazil… July 18, 2013

Another happy customer email was received today.  This customer is from Brazil and somehow his sunglasses broke while he was wearing them.   Even though they arrived in good condition, it’s very important that all our customers are very happy and will naturally brag about our customer service.  But don’t take my word for it, read Pedro’s email below for yourself.  As with all posted testimonials, we post them just as they are.  Thank you!  Your Team…

Hi, Debbie. 

Thank you very much for such a swift and quick reply.

 I’d love to have a new pair as a replacement and a free pair as gift. I’ve recommended Matrix Eyewear to a friend, and he probably will be purchasing one anytime soon.

 My respect for this company remains, especially because of your attention to customer service. Oh, how I wish every issue could be solved that quickly…

 I’ll wait again for the product, but I’m confident it’ll be worth the wait (and hopefully, that they won’t break like this one…)

 Thanks again.


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