Matrix Sunglasses and Halloween 2010 |

Matrix Sunglasses and Halloween 2010

In the US, another Halloween has come and gone. Here at Matrix Eyewear, we sell more Matrix sunglasses during the Halloween season than at any other time of the year, because dressing up as characters from the movie remains a relatively popular option. For anyone not familiar with this storied US tradition, on October 31st children get to dress up in costumes, and go door-to-door to receive various candy treats (“trick or treating”). Adults also get in on the fun, as Halloween costume parties are extremely common at all levels of society.

Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to conduct an analysis of all the Matrix sunglasses that we sold at Matrix Eyewear this Halloween season. The list encompasses Neo Sunglasses, Morpheus Sunglasses, Agent Smith Sunglasses, Trinity Sunglasses, The Twins Sunglasses and Seraph Sunglasses. I wanted to find out which of the characters seems to be the most popular.

It came as no surprise that the Neo Sunglasses from the first movie were most popular with approximately 20% of total sales during October. The next most popular style was the Morpheus Sunglasses which accounted for roughly 18% of total sales volume. Third on the list was the Trinity Sunglasses at 15%, which are always our top seller amongst female customers. The next most popular style was the Agent Smith Sunglasses with 12% of October sales.

So there you have it. Apparently, Neo Sunglasses remain the most popular choice, followed by the Morpheus Sunglasses, Trinity Sunglasses and Agent Smith Sunglasses. The other 5 styles of Matrix sunglasses we sell here at Matrix Eyewear (Neo Sunglasses 2 & 3, the 2 styles of Twins Sunglasses, and the Seraph Sunglasses) accounted for the remaining 35% of sales volume.

I’ll run this analysis every year from now on. It will be interesting to see if the trends change over time. See you down the rabbit hole!

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