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The Matrix Movie Sunglasses

If you didn’t feel it before, you do now. The Matrix has you.

Whether you’re a cosplayer at San Diego Comic Con or simply a trendsetter, Matrix Eyewear has what you’re looking for. These sunglasses were inspired by the Matrix Trilogy, a dystopian science fiction film series popular from it’s inception in 1999 into the 21st century.

The Original Neo Sunglasses are inspired by the glasses Neo wore in the first movie. They made their initial appearance in the scene where Neo goes back into the Matrix to get Morpheus. At the end of the movie, you see a great closeup of the shades he wears just before he takes off into the sky. You will feel like flying around the Matrix in these sunglasses, defying the system.

If you’re ready for the next level, the Neo Reloaded sunglasses carry with it the inspiration of an action-packed sequel. From meeting the Merovingian to fighting off Smith clones, these sunglasses are meant to be worn on your most high-energy day, when you have no boundaries to what you can do.

The Neo Revolutions sunglasses are the ultimate in the evolution of the Neo eyewear series. Inspired by Matrix Revolutions, these sunglasses provide a sleek look for the final battle. All roads and mouse clicking have led to this ‘must have’ accessory for the Matrix Trilogy Neo fan.

The Trinity Sunglasses are from the Matrix Revolutions movie. They have a great ‘cat eye’ look that goes very well with Trinity’s often fiercely feline movements when she has to fight for her life in the Matrix program.

The Morpheus Sunglasses are held to your face with a nose clip. He wears this style throughout the trilogy, and it is definitely the most integral piece of his trademark look. These particular sunglasses were inspired by The Matrix Revolutions movie.

The Seraph Sunglasses are from Matrix Reloaded. These teashade style sunglasses are fit for a guardian protecting that which matters most.

The Twins Sunglasses are very eerie in their almost alien-like appearance, which work well for portraying these two brothers who have that supernatural appearance and behavior. These sunglasses were inspired by Matrix Reloaded.

The Agent Smith Sunglasses are smartly designed. They have an octagonal shape, suited for a program initially fixed on keeping the status quo of the machine world. These sunglasses are inspired by the Matrix Reloaded and the Matrix Revolutions.

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