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Matrix Live!

Several months ago I blogged about “Matrix Live – Film in Concert,” which features the original Matrix movie on a big screen, accompanied by a live orchestra playing the original score.   The show played in Hanover, Germany, in May and was a smash hit.  Now, the show is scheduled to come to the Royal Albert Hall in London this October.

The show is actually not the first of its kind: the concept has already been executed to perfection with Star Wars, Metropolis, and Lord of the Rings.  Of those, the show featuring Metropolis in 2010 was the most successful and provides the model for future shows, including Matrix Live.

In a recent interview, Beate Warkentien of the European Film Philharmonic shed some additional light on the event.  He said The Matrix was specifically chosen because of its strong musical score.  Simply put, the soundtrack sounds incredible when played by a live symphony orchestra.  He said the event provides a unique viewing experience, because the visual impact of the special effects dominated the audio impact of the soundtrack in the original movie, but the opposite will hold true with this show.

He also said that the orchestra is 100% faithful to the music heard in the movie, and that Don Davis (who created the original score) was completely onboard and actually helped with the process.  Don actually provided the orchestra with the original score, which had to be recreated because it was hand written!

I am hoping the show eventually comes to the US so I can throw on some Matrix Sunglasses and attend! It sounds like a truly awesome, highly unique experience.  It’s definitely a new way to view a classic film, and I can only assume that the concept will continue to grow in popularity over time.  But in the meantime, if you live in the UK and you are free on October 23, you might want to check this one out.

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