Matrix Director Larry Wachowski Now a Woman |

Matrix Director Larry Wachowski Now a Woman

Lana vs Larry Wachowski

Although this is a little “off-topic” compared to our normal MatrixEyewear blog updates, I just had to share this story because it’s almost as bizarre as The Matrix itself!  Apparently Larry Wachowski, who created and directed The Matrix trilogy in conjunction with his brother Andy, is now a woman!  Yep, that’s right: 47-year-old Larry Wachowski is now Lana Wachowski.  Although I cannot pretend to understand the decision-making process on something like this, I definitely applaud Lana for doing what was needed to make his/her life happier and more fulfilled.

Apparently Larry has been transitioning to Lana for several years.  In fact, this might be the underlying reason for Wachowski’s 2002 divorce from ex-wife Thea Bloom.  According to People Magazine, Bloom’s divorce papers at the time stated that Larry “has been extremely dishonest with me in our personal life.”  Hmmm…

This is the first time a well-known movie director has publically changed genders, but it is certainly not the first time that a celebrity has taken the transgender plunge.  For example, earlier in 2012 Warren Beatty’s daughter became a man, and in May 2012 punk singer Tom Gabel became Laura.  Other transgender examples include Chaz Bono, Carmen Carrera and Aderet (an Israeli pop singer).

Immediately below is a video that shows Lana for the first time in public.  The video shows Lana and her two directorial cohorts discussing the October 2012 release of Cloud Atlas (which looks very cool and even stars Hugo Weaving…although I doubt he’ll be wearing Agent Smith Sunglasses in this one!).  Lana actually looks natural and relatively attractive – definitely worth a quick look.

In the final analysis, I think Lana Wachowski should be commended for doing this on such a public stage.  Although it is impossible to understand the decision unless you are faced with real or imagined gender ambiguity, you really have to admire Lana’s courage and fearlessness (and that goes for anyone who decides to take the bull by the horns and change their life forever despite the risk of societal ridicule).  So…kudos, Lana…kudos!

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