Make Your Own Lady Gaga Cigarette Sunglasses! |

Make Your Own Lady Gaga Cigarette Sunglasses!

I recently wrote about some of the coolest, most unique sunglasses in the world today, and one of the styles I mentioned was Lady Gaga’s “cigarette sunglasses.”  I received a lot of questions and comments about these extremely unique shades, so I checked around and I actually found a video that shows you how to create them yourself! (gotta love the Internet!)

Lady Gaga Cig Shades

The supplies you will need include sunglasses (yes, this WILL work with any of our Matrix Sunglasses except the Morpheus Sunglasses), cigarettes, glue, black construction paper, scotch tape & scissors.  Step #1 is to envelope the shades in the black construction paper (obviously cut out holes for the eyes and nose).  Step #2 is to glue each cigarette to the paper, 1-by-1.  The cigs can be different sizes if you wish. Glue them to the left and right hand arms and lenses, starting from the bottom up.  And that’s basically all there is to it!  Simple and inexpensive.  Now all I need is millions of dollars, some talent, and a gender change, and I too can be just like Lady Gaga!

The process is a little difficult to describe in writing, so if you want to see the steps in action click on the link above and watch the 5-minute video.  While I wouldn’t exactly wear these puppies in public, I’m thinking they would make an excellent Halloween accessory at the very least!

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