Lego Matrix, Part II |

Lego Matrix, Part II

As you know, assuming you are a regular reader of this blog, in addition to blogging about Matrix sunglasses I like to share funny and/or unique videos that focus on The Matrix from time to time.  As such, a few months ago I shared a “Lego Matrix” video that depicted the rooftop scene where Neo dodges bullets and is ultimately saved by Trinity.  Well, lucky for you I’ve found another excellent Matrix-centric video using stop motion Lego animation that I’d like to share with you today!

This video recreates the scene where Neo and Trinity acquire “guns…lots of guns,” and then storm into the office building to rescue Morpheus from Agent Smith.  Everything from the overall pace of the scene, to the music, sound effects, camera angles and character motions, are very close to the actual movie.  Our heroes are even wearing their Neo sunglasses and Trinity sunglasses, respectively.  Very well done indeed!

Unfortunately, the similarities to the original movie quickly dissipate at about the 1:25 mark, as Neo actually gets shot and killed by one of the guards.  Then a bomb inexplicably goes off, causing the internal sprinkler system within the building to activate which in turn gives the agents a good soaking.  In response, all Agent Smith can mutter is “dammit!”  Meanwhile, Trinity is nowhere to be found.  And that’s how it ends!

Despite the relatively abrupt ending, in my opinion this short video is extremely well done.  I’ve seen other stop motion videos – whether Lego-centric or something else – that are jerky, blurry, or poorly edited.  But this particular Lego Matrix video is much more professional in terms of its overall sound and video quality.  So, if you have 90 seconds to spare, I highly recommend that you give the video a quick perusal.  It’s definitely cool, and I think you’ll agree.  Enjoy!

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