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Lady Gaga Sunglasses

If you want to see some extremely unique styles of sunglasses, you have to check out Lady Gaga’s collection!  Lady Gaga’s popularity is due in no small part to her outrageous outfits and accessories, including her sunglasses.  No, she does not wear Matrix sunglasses, but her assortment of cool shades is definitely something to behold. 

A recent blog from Sunglass Warehouse featured pictures of about 8 of Lady Gaga’s favorite sunglasses, with a link at the bottom of the page showing another couple dozen of her styles.  The specific post and pictures can be found here.

Some of the styles include 1960’s cat eye shades, “Mickey Mouse” sunglasses with flip up lenses, lace sunglasses featuring patterned lenses, wraparound sunglasses, animal print specs, round retro shades, and more.  It is unique fashion accessories like these that has catapulted Lady Gaga into pretty much the most popular celebrity in the world (as evidenced by her huge number of Twitter followers…number 1 worldwide at the time of this writing).

So there you have it, I hope you enjoy looking at these super distinctive styles from Lady Gaga herself.  One word of caution though if you want to buy any of these sunglasses; most of the Lady Gaga replicas I have seen are of low quality, so make sure you do your homework.  Cheap sunglasses by themselves are not bad per-se, as long as the lenses feature adequate UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun.  So if you’re looking to buy a pair, just check the lens specs to make sure your eyesight will not suffer.

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