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Is It OK to Wear Sunglasses at Night?

You may have heard the song, “Sunglasses at Night” by Corey Hart.  You may have also seen celebrities like Kayne West, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and many others wearing sunglasses to clubs at night.  Yes wearing sunglasses at night seems a little counter-productive, but is there any benefit in doing this?  Read on for my thoughts on the subject.

It seems obvious that the main reason people like to wear sunglasses at night is to look cool.  Generally speaking, someone wearing sunglasses at night is probably going to command some level of attention from the other patrons at the club or wherever they happen to be.  But this attention may or may not be favorable.  Some people might think it’s a cool idea, but others might think you are a complete moron. 

Some people might also wear sunglasses at night to conceal the effect that drugs or alcohol have on their eyes.  But as far as I can tell, the idea that wearing sunglasses at night makes you look cool is the probably the main reason why people might do this.  Unfortunately, many people think this is a silly concept, so doing this will only allow you to look cool to some of the people you run into.   

Aside from the potential for ridicule, there is one other serious downside to wearing shades at night, and that is the fact that it will make things difficult to see.  In fact, you might find yourself suffering from a headache by the end of the night because of this.  Also, you never, ever want to be driving at night while wearing sunglasses, it is simply too dangerous.  In fact, this is actually illegal in some states.

In the final analysis, I would have to say that wearing sunglasses at night – whether Matrix Sunglasses or some other type – is not a good idea, despite what Corey Hart says.  I think that unless you are famous, wearing sunglasses at night will make you look like a wannabe.  You will get ridiculed by others, and doing this will make things so difficult to see that you might wind up with a major headache.  So unless you are Keanu Reeves wearing Neo Sunglasses in The Matrix, don’t do it!

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