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I Wear My Matrix Sunglasses Everywhere Much To People’s Amazement

The Matrix’s time has come and gone, but its mark in history has been made.  I am a huge fan of the movies, and always wanted Morpheus glasses.

When I finally searched for some, I came across’ their prices were lower (their package specials) and they had every style from the movie.

I was naturally cautious due to the prices and ordering from a website, so I sent an email with a few questions.  Matrix promptly answered and was very helpful, especially with regards to how well Morpheus glasses stay on your face. I went ahead and ordered a pair, and they shipped within only a few days! I was so excited to look at that sleek black case, knowing what was inside.

The glasses fit like a glove with no problems, also they work wonderfully against the sun.  I have been wearing tem everywhere much to people’s amazement. When you walk in a public place with these glasses on, you get constant stares, comments, and attention.

Some people may not recognize them from the movies, but everyone thinks thy are the bomb. I couldn’t be more satisfied with and the feeling of being Morpheus in public.

Don’t hesitate __ get a pair now!

Curtis R.

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