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How to Repair Broken Frames on Sunglasses

Like anything, sunglasses – even Matrix sunglasses – do not last forever.  Generally speaking, the most common issue is that the frame gets broken or becomes malformed over time.  Thus, the purpose of this article is to describe a few simple things you can do to try and fix a broken frame.

The first step is to diagnose the cause of the breakage by carefully inspecting the frame with a magnifying glass.  You might find a loose or missing screw, stretched out hinge, or some other broken or defective component.  Once you’ve identified the problem, you’ll be ready to move forward with the solution.

If the hinge is stretched out of shape, use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to gently squeeze it back into shape (you may want to wrap tape around the tips of the pliers to avoid inadvertently scratching the lenses while you do this). If the hinge has fallen off the frame, you can usually glue it back on with Super Glue or something equivalent.  The best way to do this is to apply the glue with a toothpick and hold it for 1-2 minutes until dry.

If you have a screw loose (no pun intended…), tighten it with a tiny screwdriver.  If you don’t have a screwdriver that is small enough, you can acquire one by purchasing an eyeglass repair kit at your local drug store, or you could tighten it with the needle-nosed pliers or even a paring knife.  If a screw is missing, any eyeglass repair kit will most likely have a replacement screw that you could use.  In either case, once the screw has been tightened, apply a small dab of nail polish on it and let it dry.  This will help keep the tightened screw secure.  If the screw is slightly too small you can wrap the threads in a 1-inch piece of fishing line to improve the fit.  But if the screw is too big do not force it – in this case, your best bet would be to utilize a tiny safety pin in lieu of an actual replacement screw.

As you can see, having a broken frame on your sunglasses does not mean they automatically have to go in the trash.  At least 50% of the time, depending on the cause, you can fix your broken frames very quickly and inexpensively.  Just follow the steps in this post and you’ll have a good shot of resurrecting your broken sunglasses in no time.  Good luck!

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