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How to Make Your Own Spy Sunglasses

This is awesome!  A couple of weeks ago (I think…time runs different in The Matrix after all), I wrote about some unique hi-tech sunglasses, one of which was spy sunglasses that actually records video.  Unfortunately I’ve come to find out that these can cost upwards of $300, but luckily there is actually a “do-it-yourself” video online that shows you how to make them for…wait for it…$40! (Sorry folks…the process won’t work for Matrix Sunglasses because it requires a specific style of rimmed frame).

You can watch the video here, but here’s a quick summary.  First he bought a pair of “Solar Shield” sunglasses for around $20.  He then got a mini spy camera and modified it by separating all the wires (4 of them…video, audio, power, and ground) from the casing.  He then cut the wires about 3 inches from the camera, soldered 24 gauge black wire to the existing wires, added some shrink tubing to protect the soldered wires, and finally soldered the other end of the black wires to the original connections and the ground.

Once the camera was configured, he installed it in the corner of the frame of this particular style of sunglasses.  He used hot glue to affix the camera, and ran the black wires along the inside of the black frame to ensure that they stay concealed.  It is then all connected to a small recorder which can be kept in your coat pocket for concealment.

Toward the end of the video, he actually shows the results, and I was amazed at how clear both the audio and video turned out to be.  And the beauty of it is that no one he videoed was aware that they were being recorded.  Yep, I’m sure I could come up with lots of cool uses for these covert spy sunglasses!

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