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How to Find Sunglasses that Flatter Your Facial Shape

Much like your hairstyle, sunglasses must compliment the shape of your face if you expect to look good in them. Simply put, some shades will look good on certain facial shapes but poor on others. As such, what follows is a guide to help you select the best style of sunglasses for your face.

Square face: As you might expect, this facial shape is characterized by a wide jaw and forehead. In order to offset these features, you’ll want to avoid sunglasses with sharp, geometrical lenses and instead opt for those with oval or round frames (such as Seraph Sunglasses or Morpheus Sunglasses).

Heart shaped face: This facial shape is characterized by a narrower chin with wider cheek and forehead areas. Here again, sunglasses with round lenses will do the trick, as will cats-eye shades. Avoid sunglasses with bright or exorbitant frames, as these will tend to draw attention to the upper half of your face.

Oblong face: If you have an oblong face, then it’s long and somewhat narrow. In order to compliment and offset this narrowness, sunglasses that are oversized or that are a wraparound style will look best on you. Avoid shades with frames that are horizontally narrow.

Round face: This shape has round cheekbones with a narrow jaw & forehead. People with round faces should avoid sunglasses with round lenses…it’ll simply make you appear ‘too round’! Instead, choose a style with wider, rectangle- or geometrically-shaped lenses such as Neo Sunglasses or Agent Smith Sunglasses.

Oval face: This facial shape is very balanced and symmetrical, and thus any style – whether Matrix Sunglasses or some other type – will work for you. Therefore, if you have an oval face, simply go with a style that you like.

I hope you found this facial shape guide to be both useful and informative. The next time you go shopping for shades, keep these tips in mind and you will greatly increase your odds of finding the best style for YOU. Good luck!

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