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How to Find Sunglasses Suitable for Long Eyelashes

I was perusing Yahoo Answers the other day and noticed that more than a few people asked about sunglasses for long eyelashes.  Apparently this is a relatively common issue, because eyelashes that clash against the lenses can cause discomfort as well as eyelash breakage.  Basically, if you have long eyelashes, you must find a pair of sunglasses that are rounded to fit your face, as well as provide additional space in the eye region. 

I did some (extremely) quick research on the answer to this burning question and came up with the following tips and tidbits. 

First, it probably makes sense to shop for your sunglasses at a local store if you have long eyelashes.  You will want to physically try them on for comfort, something that you obviously can’t do online.  Also, you’ll want to avoid frames that fit straight across the eyes because they will probably not allow enough room for your eyelashes and can become quite uncomfortable.  Look for curved or rounded frames that do not sit too close to your face. 

In terms of specific sunglass styles, unfortunately Matrix sunglasses are probably not the best choice for extremely long eyelashes because our styles generally are not oversized (Neo sunglasses come the closest but still would probably interfere with long lashes).  So you’ll have to go a different route. 

One suggestion I found was to wear rounded over-sized sunglasses. They cover just enough of your face to protect your eyes and hide your blemishes.  Another suggestion I found was to invest in a pair of “bug eye” sunglasses, as the frames of these are designed to sit on the bridge of the nose and are curved just enough to prevent interference with your eyelashes.  Finally, Prada and Coach both make shades that are specifically designed for women with long eyelashes. 

So there you have it!  If you have long lashes, do not fret.  Follow these tips and you will be wearing your sunglasses in a state of extreme comfort in no time!

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