How to Create 3D Glasses from Sunglasses! |

How to Create 3D Glasses from Sunglasses!

Yes I am at it again – trolling the Internet for useless & silly videos about sunglasses!  This time I did not have to look too far, as the video I’m about to share with you was actually featured on my iGoogle homepage!

In the past I’ve shared silly videos on this blog such as how to make duct tape sunglasses, how to make Lady Gaga’s cigarette sunglasses, and more.  This time, I’ll be sharing a video that shows you how to make 3D glasses out of sunglasses (woo hoo!).  Believe it or not, over 1.3 million people have actually watched this video!  It’s only about 1 minute long and you can watch it below.

So here’s the basic process.  Start with any pair of glasses or sunglasses (yes – even Matrix Sunglasses will work although I’m not sure why anyone would want to ruin them…).  Pop out the lenses, trace each lens on a transparency sheet, and cut them out.  Then grab a red and a light blue marker.  Color the left eye red and the right eye blue.  Then simply pop the colored lenses back into the frame of the sunglasses, and you’re good to go!  You are now the proud owner of your very own homemade 3D spectacles!

So, if you are in a pinch and you have an emergency need for 3D shades, as long as you have a crappy pair of sunglasses, red and blue markers, and a transparency sheet, you can make them on the fly!  I think I’ll have to try this out just to see if they actually work.  It seems like they would work but really, who knows?  In any case, I hope you enjoyed yet another installment of my ‘useless & silly’ sunglass video posts.  If you have any comments about this video, please feel free to post your opinion below!

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  1. Baby Sunglasses says:

    Well that’s quiet a good idea and I love the concept will surely try that.

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