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How to Coddle Your Expensive Sunglasses

In this day and age, sunglasses are more than just protective eyewear; they have truly evolved into a fashion statement for the wearer.   From Lennon specs to aviator shades to Matrix sunglasses, the sunglasses you wear tell a lot about your personality.  The iconic nature of sunglasses has been driven in large part by celebrities, as they tend to wear sunglasses frequently.   

The far-reaching popularity of sunglasses has resulted in sunglasses sold all over the price spectrum, from a dollar up to thousands of dollars for a single pair.  If you paid a boatload for your sunglasses, you will definitely want to coddle them!  Treat your expensive sunglasses carefully and they should last you many years.

Among the various components of sunglasses, the lenses are the ones that are most critical to take care of.  Not only are the lenses what protects your eyes from UV damage, but they also tend to be exposed to wear and tear which means they are prone to damage. 

Honestly the only cleaning solution you should ever use on the lenses is your own breath!  I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s what the experts recommend.  Just fog up the lenses and wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth.  Never use cotton or paper towels because they are abrasive and could cause scratches.  Microfiber material is ideal because of its durability, coupled with the fact that its smooth texture will never scratch the lenses.

Additionally it pays to invest in a hard shell carrying case. Sunglasses tend to get mishandled by virtue of the fact that they are associated with active lifestyles. You can purchase a case at any department store for $5 that will be good enough to ensure, for example, that your sunglasses do not get crushed if someone sits on them while not in use.

So, that’s it!  Simple, right?  Just buy a case and a microfiber cloth and wipe the lenses down frequently using the moisture from your own breath.   Doing these things alone should be enough to keep your Lennon specs, Matrix sunglasses, designer sunglasses, or any other type in good condition for years to come.

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