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How to Clean Sunglasses without Scratching the Lenses

I’ve touched on this topic elsewhere within this blog, but the question continues to pop up so I thought I would write another post about it.  Sunglass lenses absolutely must be cleaned from time to time because they accumulate dust, smudges and dirt over time, and blemished lenses are not good for your eyesight.  Unfortunately, many people have inadvertently scratched the lenses while trying to clean sunglasses, and as such how to avoid doing this is probably the most common question we receive regarding our Matrix Sunglasses.  So the next time you need to clean your sunglass lenses, follow the advice in this post in order to minimize the potential for scratching them.

First and perhaps most obvious, never use a regular towel, paper towel, or washcloth to clean sunglasses.  The reason is that these materials are relatively coarse and can leave behind microscopic scratches.  The scratches are so small that initially you probably won’t notice, but repeated rubbing with these materials over time can cause an accumulation in the number of these mini-scratches which will ultimately decrease the visual acuity of the lenses.  A much better idea is to clean the lenses with a microfiber or lint-free cloth, which can be purchased at pretty much any optical store.

Additionally, never hold your sunglasses by the lenses when you are trying to clean them because this will create smudges on the lenses and, depending on how tight your grip is, could cause microscopic blemishes as well.  This might seem really obvious, but I’ve seen so many people do this that it is worth mentioning.  Always hold your sunglasses by the frame when cleaning the lenses.

For particularly dirty lenses, a simple dry rub may not be adequate and may even exasperate the blemishes.  In these cases, soapy, warm water can work wonders.  Simply run some warm tap water over the lenses, apply a mild soap, rinse and dry with a microfiber or lint-free cloth.  If soapy water is not enough, the next step is to purchase a commercial cleaner designed for sunglass lenses.  The most important thing here is to follow the instructions on the bottle as closely as possible, and of course follow the other tips mentioned above.

So that is all there is to it!  Of course, if you are an advocate of prevention, buying sunglasses with scratch-resistant lenses, like our Neo Sunglasses or Morpheus Sunglasses, is the best approach.  But if you already have a favorite pair of sunglasses that does not have scratch resistant lenses, as long as you clean sunglasses and the lenses as described in this post, you should never have to worry about inadvertently scratching them.  Good luck!

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2 Responses to How to Clean Sunglasses without Scratching the Lenses

  1. Brian says:

    Thanks for the tip. I never really thought of using a washcloth. The material is typically too coarse and seems to make more streaks than clean my lenses. I always loved the Matrix movies and thought their eyewear was badass.

  2. acfowler says:

    Thanks Brian! Love customers like you. Remain faithful to the Matrix Family my friend. Will be sending you discount coupons soon! My best, Larry

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