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Hot Styles of Sunglasses for 2011

Sunglasses – whether Matrix Sunglasses or some other type – obviously come in a myriad of different shapes and sizes, and what is considered stylish tends to change on an annual basis.  For example, in recent years we have seen the emergence of oversized-lens sunglasses, colored-frames, and even “nerd” sunglasses.  Once considered incredibly geeky, these styles of sunglasses are now considered cool, as celebrities in particular have brought them back into the forefront of society’s collective mind. 

Like any other year, 2011 will see its share of emerging sunglass fashion trends.  In general, style and fashion experts are predicting a louder and even more colorful eyewear scene for 2011, with retro looks from different eras expected to make a splash.  If you love sunglasses, now is the time to rethink your collection, and as such here are 3 styles in particular that are expected to become fashionable in 2011 and beyond. 

Retro Sunglasses

Society in general loves nostalgia, as evidenced by the fact that every other movie release seems to be a remake of something from a previous era.  So it should come as no surprise that retro sunglasses are expected to be back in style.  Retro sunglasses are part of a broad category that encompasses dozens of styles and designs, including over-sized glasses as well as punk-framed ones which will take you back to the psychedelic eras of the 1960’s and the 1970’s.

John Lennon Sunglasses

John Lennon sunglasses – or “Lennon specs” – epitomize simplicity and minimalism.  This Beatles-inspired style is already making a comeback, and is expected to be back in the fashion spreads in full force by the summer of 2011.  The lenses of the Lennon specs are perfectly round and are positioned somewhat close to each other, which tends to look good on folks with diamond- or oval-shaped faces.  In fact, anyone looking to minimize the sharp angles or edges of their face should try a pair of Lennon specs.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

This style has retro written all over it!  If you have ever seen a movie from the early 1960’s, you have probably seen cat eye sunglasses in all their glory.  Although they first became popular in the 1950’s, it was not until the 1960’s that their popularity exploded.  And now this same style is expected to make a major comeback in 2011.  If you happen to have a heart- or square-shaped face, this style would likely work well for you.    


I hope you enjoyed this 2011 fashion forecast for sunglasses.  Sunglasses such as Matrix Sunglasses will never go out of style, but new trends tend to emerge every single year.  Much of this is driven by what celebrities wear, so if you want to be on the forefront of sunglass trends just pay attention to what your favorite celebrities are wearing at any given time.

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