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Herdy R. From United Kingdom Says His Seraph Matrix Sunglasses Got Him One Amazing Kiss That Has Lasted Almost A Full Year!

The matrix is probably my favourite film of all time not only just the script but also the overall plot is something that has intrigued me ever since I watched it.

So of course I needed to have the seraph Matrix  sunglasses he’s the most bad*** character in the whole film! However I had no idea that buying these glasses would lead to my girlfriend. I hope I have enough words for this!

So I was planning on wearing the glasses as part of my costume for a Halloween party and of course I went as seraph, I’ve attached a picture with the email for you too see how bad*** I looked! So as usual everyone was telling me how good I looked and how much I loved the Matrix  sunglasses but no one really knew whom I was until I told them. Except one person, whom I only met for the first time at the party, without any warning she came behind me and shouted, “I must apologise” (I sorta knew what was coming) “for this”… and she kissed me. It will be a year in a few weeks we have been together.

Sadly I have lost my pair of glasses when we moved in together so I will be ordering a pair of the Seraph matrix sunglasses as soon as I get paid J

They were my prized position the skill behind them is second to none!

Keep up the good work, your products truly make love happen!

All the best,

Herdwesher  R. (United Kingdom)


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