Google Glass: Eyewear that Delivers Augmented Reality |

Google Glass: Eyewear that Delivers Augmented Reality

Google Glass

This is not your father’s Google anymore!  The search giant has been expanding into a multitude of offline realms recently, and one of its latest innovations is a line of eyewear known as Google Glass.  What exactly is Google Glass, you ask?  Well, it’s basically eyewear that connects to the Internet, with the lenses serving as the computer screen.  Wow, I can’t wait until our Matrix sunglasses come equipped with this cool new technology!

Although Google has not been overly explicit in the information it has revealed about Google Glass, I watched a video that simulates what the company is trying to do.  In the video, the central character puts on his Google Glass eyewear, and we get to see a first-person perspective of what the eyewear can do.  And although not explicitly shown in the video, it is reasonable to assume that the glasses will enable touch-based input as well.

I’ve posted the video below, but just to give you an idea of the technology, here’s a brief summary.  In the video we see an appointment reminder, a weather forecast, an instant message, a GPS mapping directive, and other things magically appear in front of the wearer’s eyes.  The eyewear can also take “screen shots” of things the wearer sees, and can instantly share these images with people in the wearer’s social circles.  The glasses can also play music, download games, and do pretty much anything else that is traditionally done online.  It’s almost like a GPS navigational system for your life.

Google has not yet announced how much the glasses will cost, but prototypes can be preordered for a whopping $1,500 (I’m sure this price tag will come down as the technology is better fleshed out).  Google has also not communicated when this product will be available to the masses, but word on the street is that the glasses will be available for purchase sometime between mid-2013 and early 2014.  Of course, this is contingent on Google perfecting the technology, so really your guess is as good as mine in terms of the timing.

Although this topic is not really related to sunglasses or The Matrix, I felt compelled to write about it because it’s such a cool idea.  If you agree, I encourage you to ‘put on your Neo sunglasses’ and watch the short 2-minute video right now!  And if you want more information, check out this excellent New York Times article.  Enjoy!

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