Funny Video: The Matrix and Scary Movie Fight Scene |

Funny Video: The Matrix and Scary Movie Fight Scene

Trinity Kicking Ass

Yes I love writing about Matrix sunglasses, but if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I also like to share funny and/or interesting videos about The Matrix from time to time.  For example, in the past I’ve shared videos such as Tim Tebow Versus The Matrix, The Big Lebowski Enters The Matrix, Lego Matrix and even The Peanut Matrix.  And now I’ve got another one for you…

This video parody features a fight scene involving Trinity and the masked killer from Scary Movie.  It’s very short (1:46) so I recommend you give it a quick watch right now.  I’m not sure who created the video, but I thought the special effects were extremely well done.  And, although the levitating Trinity polka dance was a little corny, overall the video had a couple verifiably funny moments.

The video features 5 distinct effects reminiscent of The Matrix.  First, at about the 0:14 mark, the killer tosses Trinity across the room in a manner that somewhat defies gravity, causing her to smash into, and damage, the wall.  Second, at the 0:27 mark, Trinity does the iconic stop-motion levitating Kung Fu kick move on the killer – complete with the 360-degree camera action.  Third, at the 0:47 mark, Trinity throws a large dish at the killer, who does the bullet time dodging / limbo technique to avoid getting hit.  Fourth, at the 1:11 mark, Trinity does her levitating forward-motion bicycle kick move on the killer’s masked face.  Finally, at the 1:36 mark, Trinity defies gravity yet again by running along the side of the wall and then landing a massive Kung Fu kick on the killer, driving him right through the window.

My only beef with the video is that she was not wearing her iconic Trinity sunglasses!  And, as I previously mentioned, the levitating dance routine was a bit dumb.  But overall it’s definitely worth watching…especially since it’s less than 2 minutes long!  Enjoy!

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