Funny Video: New Script for The Matrix! |

Funny Video: New Script for The Matrix!

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As I was trolling online this morning looking for a topic for today’s blog post, I stumbled onto a funny video that I think is worth sharing.  The video is a parody of The Matrix that shows the actors getting a new script.  Although a couple parts of the video are a bit cheesy, most of it is funny and in fact I found myself laughing out loud a few times.  So put on your Matrix sunglasses and give it a quick watch right now!

The video starts off with the déjà vu scene (yes this is one of the cheesy parts that I mentioned…but hang in there, it gets better!).  We see Neo and Trinity – sadly, minus their Neo sunglasses and Trinity sunglasses – discussing the implications of this.  The 2 actors look nothing like the actual characters, but they do very nice voice impressions.

As one of the secondary protagonists calls Tank asking for a “new script,” we see Agent Smith enter the area (while wearing his Agent Smith sunglasses – yeah!).  He informs the group that he’s made some script changes, and he hands them the revisions so they can see for themselves.  This is where the video gets really funny.

The actors then start questioning the script changes.  For example, Trinity asks about the rave scene, Neo asks if he is Jesus at the end, and the entire group questions the idea of having the army of Agent Smiths.  The actors also question the concept of Neo flying, why the Oracle looks different in part 2, and how Zion can possibly exist.  Finally, the end of the video is punctuated by an appearance from one of our most beloved Keanu characters – Ted!

All in all, the video demonstrates a nice effort to be funny and as such it warrants a quick watch.  So, go ahead and view it now, and please drop a comment below to let me know if you love it or you hate it.  Enjoy!

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