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Five Things to Do with Your Matrix Sunglasses this Holiday Season

The December holiday season is here!  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or something else, we here at wish the very best to you and your family this holiday season.

My family and I celebrate Christmas, so I am a little partial to that particular manifestation of the holiday season.  But hey, this blog is about Matrix sunglasses, right?  So, I figured I would combine the two subjects and list the top 5 things to do with your Matrix eyewear this holiday season.

  1. Give Matrix sunglasses as gifts to friends and family.  Neo Sunglasses, Trinity Sunglasses, Morpheus Sunglasses, the Twins Sunglasses, and even the Agent Smith Sunglasses would all make fantastic gifts for people close to you.
  2. Wear your Matrix eyewear wherever you go, especially on sunny and snow-covered days.  Each Matrix eyewear style comes standard with top-of-the-line lenses that are guaranteed to protect your eyes from all the destructive UV rays of the sun.  All of our lenses offer UV400 protection, which provides the best shield possible for your eyes.
  3. Buy the entire Matrix Sunglasses Package and distribute the 9 pairs of sunglasses to your most valued business partners and clients.
  4. Make sure your lenses are cleaned and ready to go for the New Year by utilizing the microfiber bags that accompany all styles (except for the Morpheus Sunglasses, which come with a free hard shell case).  The microfiber material is an excellent cleaning fabric that is tightly woven to eliminate the possibility of scratching the lenses during the cleaning process.
  5. Transform your Morpheus Sunglasses into a Christmas tree ornament! (ha, ha…I just had to end with some humor…which obviously is not my strong suit!).

So there you have it, my quick & dirty list of things to do with your Matrix Sunglasses during this wonderful holiday season.  Go ahead and give us a try and order a pair today.  Our Neo Sunglasses, Trinity Sunglasses, Twins Sunglasses, and Agent Smith Sunglasses are extremely cool-looking, high-quality shades.  I guarantee it!

Happy Holidays!

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