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Duct Tape Sunglasses??

It never ceases to amaze me how much sheer crap is on the Internet these days, especially on YouTube.  As I was trolling around this morning looking for ideas for today’s blog post, I happened to stumble upon one of the more ridiculous videos I’ve seen in a long time.  The 1-minute video shows you how to create emergency sunglasses from duct tape!  Yes you heard that right – duct tape sunglasses (and no, this ‘style’ is not going to be part of our line of Matrix Sunglasses any time soon!!).

I always write about 1 of 2 topics: sunglasses or The Matrix trilogy.  I know duct tape sunglasses are a bit of a stretch in terms of fitting in with these topics, but I’m feeling a little loose since it’s Friday and I actually laughed out loud when I watched the video.  So in the interest of having a happy Friday, I wanted to share the hilarity with you, my loyal readers.

Check out the video here.  The funny part is the sheer simplicity of the instructions.  For example, the supply list consists of duct tape, scissors and string (oh really, I would never have guessed that!).  And the step-by-step instructions are equally simplistic: rip off a 1 foot piece of duct tape, fold it in half so the sticky side is not exposed, cut slits in the folded tape for your eyes, poke holes in both ends, and feed a string through the holes and secure (or a shoelace if you are really in a pinch).

My only question: is a video really necessary to describe the process??  And I’d also like to know the odds that I would actually have a roll of duct tape with me if I ever needed to make some emergency sunglasses??  Oh well, those are nits I suppose.  Just watch the video, and have fun!

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