Does The Matrix Run on Microsoft Windows XP? |

Does The Matrix Run on Microsoft Windows XP?

From time to time, I like to look for funny videos related to The Matrix to share with you, my loyal readers.  In the past, I’ve shown you the Muppet Matrix, the Matrix Dance, and a few other lighthearted Matrix pieces.  But this one might be the funniest one of all!

The video can be viewed here.  It is from and it envisions what The Matrix would be like if it ran on Microsoft Windows XP.  It’s an absolutely hilarious concept that I wish I would have thought of first! Some of the “symptoms” of what might happen if The Matrix ran on Windows include lagging hourglass symbols, frozen screens, error reports, stalled progress bars, and of course the dreaded blue screen of death.  The video also includes references to control-alt-delete, Internet browser cookies, and the little paperclip helper on Microsoft office programs.

The video is awesome and since it is less than 4 minutes in length I would highly recommend you check it out.  The only problem is that the Matrix sunglasses in the video do not look authentic, which is disappointing.  The various characters are wearing Neo sunglasses, Trinity sunglasses, Morpheus sunglasses, and Agent Smith sunglasses, but unfortunately they do not look like the real deal.  Oh well, that is nit-picky I know.  All in all, this video is yet another quality piece of humor put out by my friends at

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