Do You Need Special Sunglasses for Flying? |

Do You Need Special Sunglasses for Flying?

One of the more common questions people ask about our Matrix sunglasses relates to specialized usages.  For example, people wonder what types of sunglasses are best for driving, playing baseball, going to the beach, or skiing.  One activity in particular where having proper sunglasses is critical is flying, especially if you happen to be a pilot. 

Pilots are at high risk of developing serious eye conditions because they are exposed to more direct sunlight than most other people, and their visionary execution tends to be in a constant state of flux.  For example, they need to adjust their vision to see through the blinding rays of the sun while concurrently adjusting their vision to compensate for the darker lights inside the cockpit. The changes in lighting conditions and color contrasts can seriously strain the eyes.

Aviation sunglasses are the most popular amongst pilots because they are comfortable as well as protective, and they tend to have lenses large enough to shield your eyes no matter how big or small your face is.   

Although aviation sunglasses are specifically made for flying, just keep in mind that experts recommend that pilots avoid polarized lenses because they tend to scatter and filter the rays of the light, which provides a bad color contrast.  With a bad contrast, it becomes more difficult to distinguish the nuances of your environment, such as the distance of an oncoming airplane when flying.   

In the final analysis, pilots should strive for perfect vision in all types of lighting conditions. Pilots must make sure that their vision is optimized because lives are at stake.  Therefore, you have to make sure you have the right sunglasses with you when you fly.

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