Dealing with Fogged Up Sunglasses |

Dealing with Fogged Up Sunglasses

One of the more annoying problems with wearing sunglasses – whether Matrix Sunglasses or some other type – is that the lenses can fog up.  This is particularly common during the cold weather months, and typically happens when the warm air emanating from your body and breath hits the lenses and freezes.  If you are wearing a scarf or ski mask, or you are sweating, the problem can be exasperated.

Obviously wearing sunglasses caked with frozen saliva particles is not ideal!  In fact, if you are doing something like skiing or riding a bike and it happens, it can be downright dangerous.  Luckily, there are a few things that seem to work to prevent the lenses from fogging up.

The first thing you could try is a product specifically made to prevent this fogging.  Speedo makes such a product, and I’m sure you could find hundreds of others via Google.  Another idea is to gently rub Ivory soap on each lens, and then wipe it off with a micro-fiber bag or similar thinly-threaded cloth.  This helps prevent the water particles from your breath from sticking to the lenses.

Additionally, it will help to avoid over-heating yourself.  If you exert yourself to the point of sweating, strip away a layer or two.  And consider leaving the ski mask at home.  Finally, in extremely cold weather, switch to UV protecting ski goggles.  Yes, I realize that ski goggles aren’t as cool as your Neo Sunglasses, but I’d have to say that in the case of cold weather sports, clarity of vision trumps style any day!

So, if you frequently have the problem of fogged-up lenses in cold weather, I hope this advice will help you out.  To summarize, research and try out one of the many products available on the market, try buffing the lenses with Ivory soap, don’t overheat yourself, ditch the ski mask, and if all else fails, switch to ski goggles.  One or more of these tips should help solve the problem.

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