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Climate Controlled Sunglasses?

I just read about a type of sunglasses that are actually climate controlled!  This is such a unique feature of sunglasses that I just had to share it my loyal readers (sorry…our Matrix Sunglasses are not equipped with climate control technology…yet!).

The company that manufactures these sunglasses is Wiley X, and they are called “Rout” sunglasses.  Wiley X is a relatively high-end manufacturer, specializing in sunglasses specifically designed for the military, law enforcement, mountain biking, and fishing.

The climate control feature of their Rout shades is accomplished via some padding that is affixed to the inside of the frame.  The padding fills the gap between the frames and your face, which helps keep extraneous wind and cold air from penetrating your eyes.  This not only keeps your eyes warmer but also prevents your eyes from watering due to windy conditions.  The padding also comes equipped with a series of vents to prevent the lenses from getting fogged up.

The padding is akin to a “facial cavity” that is removable.  Thus, these shades can be worn during any time of the year.  The lenses are also self-adjusting depending on how dark or bright the surrounding environment is.  This is accomplished via a photochromic coating on each lens, and eliminates the need to physically change your sunglasses as the brightness of the environment changes.  Although this adjusting happens relatively slowly, it is still much more convenient than carrying multiple varieties of sunglasses.

If you want to check these out, you can view them here.  Of course, these are specialized, high-end shades designed for professionals, and as such they are fairly expensive.  They currently retail for $144.  But again, if you happen to be a professional fisherman or if you spend a large portion of your daily life in an outdoor, environmentally volatile climate, these sunglasses might be worth considering.

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