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Choosing the Best Matrix Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Here at, we want you to be able to choose the style of Matrix Sunglasses that will look best on you given the shape of your face.  In fact, this is one of the more commonly-asked questions we receive, so I thought it would make an excellent topic for this week’s blog post.

Generally speaking, the five most common face shapes are square, oval, oblong, round, and diamond.  A square face shape is characterized by a defined jaw line, chin and forehead.  Typically, Matrix eyewear with oval or rounded lenses – like Seraph Sunglasses, Morpheus Sunglasses, or Neo Sunglasses – is the best choice for this face shape.  Avoid square-shaped frames because these will overly-accentuate facial angles. 

An oval-shaped face is characterized by a chin that is narrower than the forehead, as well as high cheek bones.  If you have an oval face, the good news is that most styles of Matrix eyewear will look good on you – especially those with square, rectangular, or geometric shaped lenses such as the Agent Smith Sunglasses

Next is the oblong shape, which is punctuated by a facial shape that is longer than it is wide.  Sort of like a football (American), except rounder.  Other common traits include high cheek bones, a slim nose and a high forehead.  For this face shape, you might want to try Matrix Sunglasses with larger lenses, such as the Twins, as this will give the illusion of a shorter face.  Avoid styles with lenses that are vertically short, as this will accentuate the vertical elongation of the oblong face and just won’t look quite right.

The next face shape is round, which tends to feature puffier cheeks and rounded facial features.  If an oblong face is like a football, then a round face is like a basketball.  The best Matrix Sunglasses for this shape are those that are more angular (square, rectangular, or geometric as in the case of the Agent Smith Sunglasses).  These styles tend to sharpen the features of your round face, as well as make the face appear longer and thinner.  Avoid styles with rounder lenses, such as Seraph Sunglasses, Morpheus Sunglasses, or Neo Sunglasses. 

Finally, diamond shaped faces are slim at the jaw and eye line and tend to have marginal chins and foreheads and protruding cheekbones.  For this shape, Matrix eyewear with rounded lenses like those on the Neo Sunglasses tend to work best, as do rimless glasses like the Morpheus Sunglasses.

In conclusion, you want your Matrix Sunglasses to compliment the shape of your face.  The most important key is to make sure the lens shape has characteristics that are the opposite of the characteristics of the shape of your face.  For example: if you have a round face, go with square or angular lenses.  If you have a square face, go with round lenses.  You get the point…till next time!

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