Caring for Your Matrix Sunglasses |

Caring for Your Matrix Sunglasses

Probably the most important thing you can do to protect your Matrix Sunglasses – or any sunglasses for that matter – is to keep the lenses clean and scratch-free.  Here’s how…

First, try to keep your Matrix eyewear on soft and/or stable surfaces.  In other words, if the sunglasses are sitting on a table in your house, that is fine.  But if they will be traveling with you in, for example, a moving vehicle, make sure they are protected by a soft surface so the lenses do not get scratched. 

If a case is not included in your purchase, consider purchasing one that snaps shut for storage when you aren’t using your sunglasses.  For example, our Morpheus Sunglasses come with a free soft-lined hard-shell case, so they will be protected no matter what.  These cases snap-shut and provide full protection for the lenses when your Morpheus Sunglasses are not in use.  But if your sunglasses do not have a hard case, either purchase one or be careful where you leave them.

Also, take care to correctly clean the lenses of your Matrix Sunglasses.  You can use water if you wish, but most times dry-rubbing the lenses with a very soft cloth will do the trick.  Never under any circumstances use a regular towel, napkin, or similarly rough textile material.  It is best to use a soft optical cloth like a micro-fiber bag.  Another option would be to purchase a cleaning kit at an optical store.  These kits typically encompass a cleaning solution, micro-fiber cloth, and a carrying case.

Keep in mind that you will have to clean the lenses more frequently if your Matrix eyewear is not stored in a case or micro-fiber bag, as they will gather dust.  All told, it is better to store them in a way that will not gather dust, because the more you clean the lenses, the higher the risk of inadvertently scratching or otherwise damaging them.

That’s it for this week’s post; I hope you found it useful and informative.  The bottom line is that your Matrix Sunglasses should always be kept clean and well protected.  Whether you buy sunglasses at Matrix Eyewear or elsewhere, take the steps necessary to protect your investment.

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