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Brandon (from United States) Has Minor Obsession With Matrix Trilogy And Loves His ‘Revolutions’…

Hi there,

My name is Brandon, and in 2012, I discovered your website. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the Matrix Trilogy. Even so much that one would say it might be a minor obsession of mine. I was immediately drawn to the detail of the sunglasses, and wasted no time purchasing a pair. I started of with the Neo glasses from The Matrix. When I received them in the mail, I was amazed at how accurate they were. I felt like a kid again, being drawn into a fantasy of being “The One”. Later on, I purchased the rest of the set, and was even more blown away at how each design was as accurate as possible. I am currently wearing the Revolutions pair from the Neo set, and I have to say, after watching the movie again for the umpteenth time, it’s still amazing to me how close they are to the ones worn in the movie. There is one site, and one site only I will ever get sunglasses from again, and that is you guys. I can’t even begin to describe how awesome my experience has been, from the simplicity of the website and purchasing the glasses, to the actual sunglasses themselves. You guys have helped take a fantasy and make it a reality.


Brandon W. (Washington, USA)

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