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Bluetooth Sunglasses?

Wow, sunglasses just seem to be getting more and more hi-tech as time goes on!  In the past I’ve written about spy shades, climate-controlled sunglasses, solar-powered shades, and even space sunglasses!  And now a relatively new product has emerged: Bluetooth sunglasses.

The shades, called Qi-wear Stereo Bluetooth Eyewear, are actually pretty sweet looking.  The electronic sunglasses are made by a company called iharmonix.  Each pair has dual microphones and can interface with any Bluetooth accessory.  They are said to deliver excellent stereo sound while also reducing background noise.  They repel water, are lightweight (52 grams), and offer a pretty good battery life when completely charged: 6 hours for talking, 8 hours for music, and 1 full week for stand-by.

The actual lenses are the quality that you would expect: full UV 400 protection (the best protection for your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun), scratch resistance, and top-notch impact resistance.  The available lens colors are amber, gray & clear.  The lenses are also replaceable, and come with a prescription lens holder.  It does not look like they are polarized, but that is likely on the horizon.

The sunglasses come with an AC power adaptor, USB micro charging cable, extra ear-plugs, and a hard shell case.  They can be ordered here, and they cost a whopping $300.

The bottom line is that the Bluetooth sunglasses are probably not appropriate for the casual user.  Rather, they seem more appropriate for outdoor work environments where communication is essential, such as at a construction site, investigation scene, or any entertainment venue that requires security personnel.  So yes, they are very cool shades, but given the price tag I think I’ll stick with my Matrix sunglasses!

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