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Biker Shades

One of the fastest growing segments of the sunglass market is the one for Matrix Sunglasses.  Ok, just kidding.  The real answer is the motorcycle sunglasses market.  This makes sense if you think about it, especially if you wear a helmet with no visor, because it is very easy for your eyes to get bombarded with bugs, dirt and debris from the road, not to mention the wind. 

The attributes that distinguish motorcycle shades are much like those for any other type of sunglasses; namely, the lenses should be shatterproof and polarized, offer excellent UV protection, and be stylish.  The degree to which the sunglasses come with shatterproof lenses is particularly critical for bikers, because objects will be coming toward you at rapid speeds.  Polarization is also critical, as lenses with this attribute help reduce the glare of the sun as it bounces off of horizontal reflective surfaces such as roads.

Your biker shades should also be oversized or wraparound for maximum protection.  It is very easy for particles and projectiles to fly into one of your eyes from the side, especially as you are passing other vehicles on the road.  Oversized or wraparound sunglasses offer more protection from the side of your eyes.  You will also want to make sure that they fit ok with your helmet.  Specifically, they must meet 3 criteria in regards to your helmet: they must be comfortable, they must fit properly so as to be devoid of blind spots, and of course they must look cool as hell!

The specific styles are a little more diverse for motorcycle shades compared to others.  For example, you could opt for a “regular” style of sunglasses, ones that are padded on the inside of the lenses, or ones that are essentially goggles.  In any of these cases you will find plenty of options depending on your specific tastes.  Even Harley Davidson makes its own brand of sunglasses, and in fact the company offers 36 different styles, one of which looks peculiarly like Neo Sunglasses!  Whatever, ride on dude!

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