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Another Funny Matrix Video!

In my never ending quest to share excellent content with you – my loyal readers – I’ve re-discovered an “oldie but goodie” that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  This one is from the 2003 MTV Movie Awards and spoofs The Matrix.  It features Justin Timberlake, Will Ferrel, Wanda Skyes, Sean William Scott, Andy Dick, and a few other celebs that I’m sure you’ll recognize.  The video is relatively long, and the quality could be better, but I highly recommend you check it out because it’s pretty hilarious!

It starts off with the two protagonists basically getting sucked into the Matrix through a magic door, ultimately winding up in Zion during Morpheus’ famous speech.  Soon thereafter, they meet the Oracle (Wanda Skyes) and then Agent Smith (Sean William Scott) where the battle scene with hundreds of Agents takes place.  My only issue with this part is that the producers could have done a better job getting the legitimate Agent Smith sunglasses, but hey, maybe I’m being too picky on that one!

Our heroes, along with Neo (who is wearing the correct Neo sunglasses, thank you very much), then wind up face to face with the architect (Will Ferrell) and this is probably the funniest scene in the entire video.  Will Ferrell does a fantastic job of impersonating the architect, and his dialogue literally had me laughing out loud.

So, even if you’ve seen this in the past, do yourself a favor and give it a re-watch.  I watched it several times and laughed profusely each and every time.  It’s probably the funniest Matrix parody I’ve seen, truly a classic, so go ahead and watch it now…you know you want to!

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