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10 Facts About The Matrix You Probably Did Not Know

The Matrix

Yes, The Matrix truly never gets old for me.  That’s why I sell Matrix sunglasses, that’s why I write for this blog, and that’s why I was extremely pleased when I recently stumbled onto a list of random, interesting facts about The Matrix that I hadn’t previously known.  Since many of these factoids were new to me, I thought I’d share the list with you today. So without further adieu, here is the list…

  1. The Matrix took 118 days to shoot, but was originally planned to be completed in only 90 days.
  2. Nicholas Cage and Will Smith were offered the role of Neo, and Sean Connery was pursued to play the part of Morpheus, but they obviously turned down these roles for reasons unknown (sorry guys…now you’ll have to buy your own Neo sunglasses and Morpheus sunglasses!).
  3. The Wachowski brothers’ goal was to create The Matrix as a thematic comic book.  According to producer Joel Silver, the brothers aimed to make a movie that was like “anime for real.”
  4. The Wachowski brothers required actors who could do their own stunt work.  The screen test for Carrie Ann Moss, who played Trinity, encompasses doing intensive Kung Fu moves with a legitimate Kung Fu team from Hong Kong for a full 3 hours.  Additionally, the actors trained for roughly 6 months before shooting even started.
  5. It took 10 full days to film the government lobby scene.  The scene does not have any CGI – everything was real (the office building itself, the helicopter, the water, the explosions, etc.).

  6. You might recall that the opening of the movie featured an altered studio logo.  This was done as a metaphor, as the producers of The Matrix wanted to show that they were rejecting “the system” of studio creative control when they made the movie.
  7. You might recall the scene where Neo has a bunch of needles stuck in him (photo below).  That image was created by a real specialist, by inserting real acupuncture pins into a prosthetic apparatus as well as in Keanu’s actual head!

  8. Neo on Pins and Needles

  9. The scene where the bug was inserted and later removed from Neo’s bellybutton was accomplished via a combination of a model torso, animation and CGI effects.  It took nearly 12 weeks for a model builder to create the bug extraction device.
  10. You might recall the scene where Neo falls, hits the ground, and immediately pops back up.  The directors modeled this scene after the Road Runner Show – specifically, Wile E. Coyote (“super genius”).
  11. Neo throws up when he is initially “reborn” outside of The Matrix.  It turns out that he really did puke, having eaten spoiled chicken pot pie shortly beforehand (yum!).

So that is it!  I hope you enjoyed this bulleted list of fun facts from The Matrix.  If you know of any factoids that I may have missed, please drop a comment below and let the world know!

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